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Custom Formulations
ProThera® Custom Supplement Packs are an easy and cost-effective way to improve patient compliance and promote your practice with your own supplement packet combinations. ProThera® and Klaire Labs® supplements of your choosing are combined into convenient packets to help patients stay on a regimen at home or away.

The easy-to-use packets eliminate multiple product bottles and dosing confusion. Plus, your patients will return to you for refill after refill because your custom packs can’t be found elsewhere. Each bottle and each individual packet is labeled with your name, address, and phone number giving you an effective way to advertise at no added cost. Your personalized supplement packets will cost no more than the equivalent price of the individual product contents. Our coordinated approach to product formulation makes this a flexible, cost-effective service that offers many benefits to your practice.

The service is absolutely free with an order of only 12 bottles per product. And our fast, 2-day turnaround ensures you will have product when you need it.

• Fast, 2-day turnaround
• Low, 12-bottle minimum
• Complimentary label design
• No extra charge for the service
• Select from over 200 ProThera® and Klaire Labs® products

Getting a Custom Supplement Pack unique to your practice is quick and easy. To get started:

Select the products to combine into one convenient packet. Products you routinely recommend to a variety of patients are a good place to start. A daily multiple can establish a sound nutrient foundation for the majority of patients. Then specific nutrient products can be added to fit the individual needs of your patient base.
Or, Select a ProThera® Pack. Each of the combination packets below can be packaged with your name on the packets and the bottle label in quantities as low as 12 bottles. Each can even be renamed to your liking. The contents of each ProThera® Pack are summarized below:
AntioxTheraPack™   3 MultiThera 1™ tablets, 1 Vitamin C tablet, 1 CoEnzyme Q10 (60 mg) softgel, 1 Glutathiol™ capsule
ArthroTheraPack™   3 MultiThera 1™ tablets, 2 ArthroThera™ tablets, 2 OsteoThera™ tablets, 1 Marine Fish Oil softgel
CardioTheraPack™   3 MultiThera 1™ tablets, 1 CardioThera™ capsule, 1 InflaThera™ capsule, 1 Hawthorn Extract capsule
GlucoTheraPack™   3 MultiThera 1™ tablets, 1 GlucoThera™ capsule, 1 Alpha-Lipoic Acid tablet, 1 Marine Fish Oil
GlucoThera™ Forte Pack   3 MultiThera 1™ tablets, 2 GlucoThera™ Forte capsules, 1 Marine Fish Oil softgel
InflaTheraPack™   3 MultiThera 1™ tablets, 2 OmegaThera™ softgels, 2 Quercetin-Bromelain Forte™ tablets, 1 InflaThera™ capsule
OsteoTheraPack™   3 MultiThera 1™ tablets, 2 OsteoThera™ Plus Ipriflavone tablets, 1 Glucosamine/Chrondroitin capsule
Regenerin™ Daily   1 VitaPrime® tablet, 1 OmegaThera™ softgel, 1 DermaThera™ capsule
TheraSlimPack™   3 MultiThera 1™ tablets, 2 TheraSlim™ capsules, 1 Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) softgel, 1 Garcinia Cambogia capsule
Choose your label. We will label your Custom Supplement Packs free of charge. You can choose your label design from our pre-designed label templates or have us create your custom design.
Request a no-obligation quote
Call toll-free 888-488-2488 to request a no-obligation quote for a Custom Supplement Pack. We will quote you a price over the phone in only a few minutes and help you adjust the combination of products as needed to achieve your clinical goals.

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